Our Services

Design Service

At COSHH LEV Services LTD, we can offer a full design package & service for all LEV systems ensuring you are investing in the correct system to protect your employees.

Installation Service

We have over 20 years experience of installing LEV systems and other workplace safety equipment, from a simple add on to an existing system to full turnkey installations, we have your requirements covered.

Replacement Filters

We can supply replacement filters for all leading manufacturers LEV filter systems and offer a full fitting service carried out by our highly skilled engineers.

Nationwide Cover

COSHH LEV Services boast an experience of all types of LEV systems installed in a wide variety of industries located across Europe. We are small enough to offer a personal service but experienced to handle any size of service throughout the UK.

LEV Test & Examination

LEV testing is a legal requirement. Any employer that uses LEV techniques in the workplace must have equipment examined and tested at least every 14 months to ensure it is working effectively and safely.
Every employer who provides any LEV to meet regulation 7 shall ensure that:

  • It is maintained in an efficient state
  • In efficient working order
  • In good repair
  • In a clean condition - Regulation 9.1 COSHH
  • Any LEV system must be thoroughly tested at least once every 14 months. - Regulation 9.2.


We can examine and thoroughly test all your LEV systems and issue a comprehensive report ensuring compliance to the latest legislation, all work is carried out by our fully qualified LEV engineers.

LEV System Comissioning

It is a legal requirement for a detailed commissioning report to be carried out by a competent LEV test engineer following installation or changes to an existing system. A commissioning report is carried out after installation. It provides both qualitative and quantitative data following detailed performance checks and measurements that set the operating parameters at which control of the hazardous substances was assessed as effective. This assessment of control effectiveness and comparison with the agreed exposure benchmarks enables you to ensure that the system always remains at the intended operating performance and continues to protect your employees from exposure to the hazardous substance.
We can commission all of your LEV systems ensuring compliance to the latest legislation. All work is carried out by our fully qualified engineers.

Service & Maintenance

Failure to maintain LEV systems could lead to the unnecessary down time of critical equipment and a range of hazards including the risk of fire from a build-up of dust / debris within the system. Regulation 9 of the COSHH Regulations 2002 (as amended) states that every employer that has LEV equipment must ensure it is maintained in an efficient state, in efficient working order, in good repair and in a clean condition. COSHH LEV Services Limited can tailor a pre-planned maintenance program for all your LEV requirements.